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Hydrostatic Tubing Testing


EMI Pipe Inspection


EMI Rod Inspection at the Wellhead


Production String Services provides reliable and capable tubing testing services on your wellsite with top of the line equipment.

Capable of testing 1 1/2"-5 1/2" OCTG.

Pressures up to 15,000 P.S.I.

Capable of testing all heavy wall, coated, and casing. 

Using Arits-4 Patented Technology. We lead the industry in the most efficient and also the best coverage using the only 360 degree well head inspection systems on the market capable of inspection rates of up to 200' per minute. 

  • Inspection on your workover rig on your location

  • No more laying your rods down and trucking them to be inspected.

  • All Sucker Rod sizes. 

  • Capable of inspecting guided/slick rods. 

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